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Easy to use inspection and audit software to save time and reduce paper work.

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Save up to 35% of your yearly inspections budget. Reduce auditing time by 80%. Increase number of audits by 30%. Get faster reports.

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Real-time location using GPS tracking

SafeRabb automatically tracks the GPS location of every inspection item on a form. GPS functionality makes it easy to identify exact locations during an inspection.

Reporting & Analytics

After an inspection is complete, an instant shareable report is generated. Automatic syncing between mobile devices and desktop platform provide real-time analytics dashboards.

Offline mode & Synchronization

SafeRabb apps are designed to work offline as well. You can fill an inspection without an internet connection and sync to the cloud as soon as device is connected again. The app connects and syncs automatically.

Report customization & Insights

Create custom dashboards, get customizable reports. Insights in what really matters to you. Receive (customized) PDF report of every completed form automatically in your mailbox to share or for own administration.

Photo editor

Whether you need photos for inspecting equipment - do it with a click. Capture photos using your device’s camera and attach images to an inspection. Any captured images are uploaded to SafeRabb cloud and can be viewed online and included in generated PDFs.

More features:

  • Custom logo & colors
  • reporting & statistics
  • Offline mode & synchronization
  • Flexible & customizable forms
  • Industries ready checklists
  • Photo Editor
  • Location tracking
  • Ready to use on any device
  • Paperless checklists
  • Photo Editor
  • Location tracking
  • User friendly

Start now and make your paper checklists digital!

Flexible price plans

Save Trees. Save Money. Ease inspection work process.

Average wage savings per year for single inspection for your team:


Smart checklists

Easy to use mobile-friendly template builder will help you to create an inspection form within a minute. Inspection fields library gives possibility to create form of any complexity. Attach photos, insert links, include disclaimers, and confidentiality statements. Share inspection templates within your team or entire organization.

Digitalize checklists

Send us a copy of your paper checklist on email address and our support specialist will convert it to a digital form within two working days. Contact us if you have any questions:

Made for inspection and safety audit industries:

  • construction
  • maritime
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • real estate

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